Identity Theft

Identity theft is an all too common crime. If you are the victim of identity theft and/or tax fraud, please contact the police department. 

Department identity theft policy

A report shall be taken any time a person living within University Heights reports that he/she has been a victim of identity theft. This includes:

  • Taking a report even if the location of the crime is outside the jurisdiction of this department or has not been determined.
  • Providing the victim with department information, as set forth in the Victim and Witness Assistance Policy. Encourage the individual to review the material, and assist with any questions.
  • A report should also be taken if a person living outside the department jurisdiction reports an identity theft that may have been committed or facilitated within this jurisdiction (e.g., use of a post office box in University Heights to facilitate the crime).
  • A copy of the report shall be provided to the person making the report.

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